bed•lam•ite (bĕdlə-mῑt’) n.  A madman; lunatic.

More often than not, those who struggle with mental illness are led to believe they’re crazy. Even with more recognition surrounding mental health, society still lacks the courage to talk about mental health for what it is. Our mission at Bedlamite is dissect the insanity and help you find solutions.

As a group of individuals who’ve struggled with mental health, we strive to be more than just another mental health resource. We’re offer all the information you need concerning alternative antidotes. From ideas behind spiritual teachers to an array of all-natural herbs and supplements that have proven to be effective.

We genuinely believe that the combination of spiritual understanding and natural healing, anyone can overcome the difficulties of a mental disorder.

We invite you to join us on this journey of the mind. To better educate ourselves on what a mental health is, how human psychology works, how society impacts our mentality, and what we can do to better our lives.

– Paul James, CEO of Bedlamite