bed•lam•ite (bĕdlə-mῑt’) n.  A madman; lunatic.


More often than not, those who struggle with mental illness are led to believe they’re crazy. Even with more recognition surrounding the topic, society still lacks the courage to talk about mental health for what it is. Our mission at Bedlamite is to dissect the insanity and help you find solutions.


As a group of individuals who’ve struggled with mental health, we strive to be more than just another resource. We practice and discuss alternative antidotes so you can find a solution suited for you. From an array of all-natural herbs and supplements to substituted therapies that have proven to be effective.


We believe that with the combination of spiritual understanding and natural healing, it is possible to overcome mental illness. We invite you to join us on this journey to better educate ourselves and explore the possibilities modern medicine chooses to ignore.


– Paul James, CEO of Bedlamite

Meet the Team

  • Hello, my name is Jake Heraty. I'm a writer, author and screenwriter, and contributor here on Bedlamite!
  • Paul James is the editor-in-chief of Bedlamite and the content manager at CBDnerds. He has a passion for mental health and treating it with all-natural remedies. He's also an aspiring screenwriter and novelist.