How Philosophy Can Cure Mental Health


Is there truly a cure for mental illness?

Traditionally, we’re told that the right psychotherapies and medication are the most promising answers currently available. Though psychotherapies can play a vital role in helping us understand ourselves, medications are nothing more than temporary reliefs that, inevitably, leave users with more consequences.

To cure mental illness isn’t necessarily to put a bandaid over it and call it a day. It’s more so a progression of bandaids that must be reapplied and redistributed on a daily basis. Mental health is a vast and complicated issue that affects everyone differently. With that, the idea of a cure-for-all is an outlandish statement.

We at Bedlamite Publications firmly believe that a cure for such a complex matter can only exist within ourselves. The very place where the source of the problem lies.

When we look into ourselves and explore our spirituality, we naturally begin to develop a better understanding as to who we are as individuals – in the very same fashion as psychotherapy does. As this understanding grows, we learn how to take control of our emotions and the environment the react to.

The purpose of philosophy in concerns with mental health is to help us along the way of this spiritual journey. To give us advice on how life should best be lived and to allow us to take it into our own consideration. Eventually, with the goal of us developing our own philosophies and pursuing our individual meanings.

Such fulfillment far outreaches anything the pharmaceutical companies can offer. If they could design a pill that could produce the same effects as spirituality, we’d all be addicted in no time.

Our articles surrounding philosophy are designed to do nothing more than allow consideration. They’re written not so much as a cure to mental health as much as a doorway to¬†your cure.

Curing mental illness is just as much a battle as anything else we find ourselves struggling with in life. The teachings of philosophers such as Plato, Voltaire, and Camus can be like weapons defending us from despair. That is as long as we choose to follow spirituality.

We wish you all the best of luck in your battles.

– Bedlamite Publications